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In the manufacturing industry, countless data are stored and exchanged among departments every day. A reliable and high performance storage server is essential. QNAP NAS offers convenient file sharing for cross-department collaboration, advanced RAID data protection, and efficient data transfer. It is the high performance solution to provide mass data storage, efficient data sharing, and rich software applications for your industry.

Benefits of QNAP NAS

  • Enhanced collaboration with vendors and customers
  • Data protection and backup
  • Ease of management
  • Affordable system; large capacity


Enhanced collaboration with vendors and customers

QNAP NAS supports full standard network protocols you can facilitate partner collaborations by sharing files across platforms and geographical locations. Account creation for your collaborators, suppliers, and customers can be done within a few seconds and individual access rights can also be assigned at the same time without complicated procedures.

Data protection and backup

QNAP NAS offers complete data protection through automatic schedulable backup to your choice of internal or external storage devices. To prevent physical damage it also allows you to replicate your valuable data to other remote locations for emergency disaster recovery. The industry standard data encryption feature is also provided to keep your data safe.

Ease of management

You can manage all the settings of the QNAP NAS by the intuitive web-based management interface. Comprehensive logs with automatic alert mechanism are offered for your IT staff to maintain the system more efficiently. The shared folder aggregation (DFS) is also provided for convenient access to multiple shared folders on the local network from one single portal folder on the NAS. Windows Active Directory (AD) is supported for instant import of user accounts from the AD domain.

Affordable system; large capacity

QNAP NAS is a reasonably-priced network storage system with business-class built-in features such as iSCSI service, IPv6, Windows AD and support for VMware and Windows clustered environments. It provides large storage capacity (up to 16TB) and supports virtual disk drives (VDD) which allows the NAS to connect to multiple iSCSI target storages on the network for flexible storage expansion.