1- Operating Systems

 QNAP offers different operating systems to suit certain solution requirements and hardware capabilities.

Operating System

QTS 5.0

Reinforced data security to protect your digital assets

QTS 5.0 builds upon its solid foundations with an updated system kernel and optimized user interface – followed by enhanced security measures to protect your digital assets, improved system performance to streamline your applications, and integrated AI machine learning to strengthen image recognition and drive failure prediction. Providing cutting-edge features to meet the challenge of rapid technological changes, QTS 5.0 brings you data security, power, and intelligence.

QuTS Hero 

High-performance ZFS-based operating system with greater reliability

Faced with the explosive growth of data, VDI popularity, increasing SSD adoption, 8K media, and other disruptive IT trends, modern businesses need dependable storage systems to meet future demands. QNAP’s new “QuTS hero” operating system combines the app-based QTS with a 128-bit ZFS file system to provide flexible storage management, comprehensive data protection and optimized performance to meet the needs of business-critical applications.


Powerful. Reliable. Optimized for All-Flash

The QES (QNAP Enterprise Storage) operating system is based on the simple and efficient FreeBSD kernel and the ZFS file system that has been proven through years of experience to be most suitable for high-end enterprise applications. The latest QES 2.1 is flash-optimized, capable of driving outstanding performance for all-flash storage arrays to accelerate mission-critical services and eliminate challenges in VDI environments. QES can also be directly integrated into OpenStack® cloud environments for a wider range of applications. Continuing the same user experience with the intuitive QTS operating system, QES provides business users with an easy learning curve to quickly implement in their IT infrastructure.

2- RAID Types

RAID is a data storage technology that provides a mix of performance increase, data protection and hard drive failure tolerance. If a drive fails, RAID can protect your data.

3- Surveillance

QNAP’s powerful surveillance software allows users to build a comprehensive, scalable surveillance solution on their QNAP NAS.


Your NAS is also a surveillance solution, try it now!

QVR Pro, QNAP’s new surveillance solution, provides 8 embedded monitoring channels, allowing you to quickly build a home surveillance environment hosted on your QNAP NAS without any extra software needed. Businesses can easily expand the number of monitoring channels (up to 128 channels) by purchasing QVR Pro licenses to deploy a large-scale surveillance network.

QVR Elite

Smart Surveillance System

QNAP QVR Elite is a subscription-based smart surveillance solution, allowing you to easily build a surveillance system with lower TCO (subscriptions starting from only US $1.99 per month) and higher scalability. It also integrates multiple QNAP AI-based video analytics solutions to build smart facial recognition for retail and door access systems with QNAP NAS.

QVR Center

QNAP Surveillance Systems Control Center

QVR Center enables cross-server management of all QNAP surveillance solutions, managing up to 256 surveillance servers and 10,000+ cameras.

IP Camera List

Surveillance Station IP Camera Compatibility List

The Surveillance Station is a professional network surveillance system, which is available in QNAP App Center. With QNAP’s compatibility testing, there are more than over 3,000 compatible IP camera models for you to choose from. Please use the filters below to find out suitable IP camera.
If your Surveillance Station has not supported the latest IP cameras, click here to download the up-to-date Beta Surveillance Station QPKG for a more extensive camera support.

Surveillance NAS Selector

Select a Suitable NAS for Deploying your Surveillance System

QNAP provides an easy-to-use selector to help you choose the ideal NAS that meets your storage capacity and bandwidth requirements for QVR Pro / QVR Elite.

4- Backup/Sync

QNAP offers a comprehensive data backup and disaster recovery solution. Integrating backup, restoration, and synchronization functions, HBS 3 supports a wide range of local, remote server, and cloud storage services.


Cross-device file sync for individuals and teams

Qsync enables efficient file synchronization between a QNAP NAS and linked devices such as computers, laptops, and mobile devices. With Qsync, you can easily access data across all your devices and share it among your team members.


Data Backup, Sync and Recovery Solution

Hybrid Backup Sync performs them all. Backup, recover and sync data to/from local storage, cloud services or remote servers that use RTRR, Rsync, FTP, WebDAV, and CIFS/SMB protocols.

Hyper Data Protector

License-free VMware® and Hyper-V backup appliance

Now you don’t need a separate hardware and software for virtual machine (VM) backup. With QNAP NAS and Hyper Data Protector, you can create an agentless backup task for unlimited VMware® vSphere and Microsoft® Hyper-V VM backup. Hyper Data Protector features incremental backup, global deduplication, backup scheduling and recovery compression to greatly save on backup time, storage and recovery time. With no licenses or extra costs required, Hyper Data Protector is ideal for creating a cost-effective and reliable recovery plan.

Hybrid Mount

Mount cloud storage and file servers on your NAS. Obtain greater storage potential and faster file access.

HybridMount can mount storage from various sources, including cloud storage and remote servers. Multiple mounting possibilities help you flexibly expand the capacity of a QNAP NAS (or other supported QNAP devices), while also providing single-interface central management of files on the NAS, cloud storage, and remote devices.


Protect Enterprise SaaS data with Boxafe - a simple, comprehensive, and efficient backup/recovery solution for Google™ Workspace and Microsoft 365®

Boxafe provides single backup, manual backup, and auto-scheduled backup options. With scheduled multi-version backup, you can safeguard current and historical data to effectively reduce the risk of data loss. With QNAP’s incremental backup technology, you can back up only the changed data to save time and storage space.

5- Security


Built-in Firewall for QNAP Appliances

QuFirewall is the built-in firewall app used by the QTS, QuTS hero, QNE Network, and QuTScloud operating systems used by QNAP appliances. You can allow/deny IP addresses and regions to prevent unauthorized access and brute force attacks for safeguarding data and service security.

Security Counselor

Your security portal for QNAP NAS

With elevated security threats spreading over the Internet, the Security Counselor checks for weaknesses and offers recommendations to secure your data against multiple attack methods. Security Counselor also integrates anti-virus and anti-malware software to ensure the complete protection of your QNAP NAS. With these features, Security Counselor helps secure your NAS and gives you extra peace of mind.

Malware Remover

Protect your NAS data against malware attacks

Regularly scan your NAS using the latest malware definitions. When under attack, infected files will be immediately removed to ensure NAS data security.

6- Multimedia

Enjoy your collection of media files in your home, on your mobile device or from your laptop whenever away from home. Your QNAP NAS is your own private cloud for your movies, video, photos and files that is securely at your fingertips anywhere and anytime.


Store and auto-organize your photos on QNAP NAS

QuMagie integrates AI image recognition and intelligent classification for your photo. Featuring a streamlined user interface, a built-in timeline scroll, customizable folder covers, iOS® Live Photo display and a powerful search tool, QuMagie provides you with the ultimate photo management and sharing solution.


The Best NAS for Plex, Optimized for Transcoding

QNAP NAS with Plex enables the perfect multimedia experience - easily stream your media library to all connected devices across your home network. With powerful high-capacity NAS supporting 4K transcoding and HDMI output, QNAP is perfect for hosting your Plex Media Server!

Photo Station

Vast and Private Cloud Photo Storage

Photo Station’s user-friendly interface enables photographers to manage a large number of photos. File sharing is also much easier - just create a Share Link and set a time limit. You can also fulfill confidential projects with Photo Station as files are not stored on cloud service providers.

Video Station

Manage, enjoy, and share your video collection

Use Video Station to quickly import/upload videos. Take a short clip with your phone and back it up to your NAS with the Qvideo companion mobile app, or activate the auto-upload function in the Qfile mobile app for scheduled backup.

Music Station

Centrally store your high-resolution music for easy playback across devices

Music Station supports major music formats (such as FLAC, MP3, OGG, and WAV), allowing you to store and manage your precious music collections and enjoy lossless audio with QNAP NAS.

7- File Management

Search, sort, share and remotely access your data for multiple users in multiple locations in a safe a secure manner.


QNAP's Powerful, Google™ like Search Tool for NAS

Qsirch is a fast, full-text search engine that enables you to find files based on filename, content, and metadata. You can choose from a variety of search options to quickly find documents, images, videos, emails, and other NAS-based files. Qsirch’s search functions are also available using a companion mobile app, browser extension, and Mac® Finder. Qsirch is useful for both homes and businesses, allowing home users to quickly find movies, songs or photos and helping business users increase their productivity by cutting down the time spent hunting for files.


Accessing and Sharing Files on a QNAP NAS Using Qfile

Qfile is a QNAP NAS file management application for your mobile device. It enables you to access files on a QNAP NAS, upload files to your NAS from your mobile device, and share your NAS files with others. You can install Qfile from the Google Play Store for Android or the App Store for iOS devices.

File Station

Comprehensive features for easy file organization and manipulation

File Station is a built-in QTS app that enables users to manage files stored on your QNAP NAS and in your cloud space. You can easily upload files from your computer, drag and drop files between folders, rename files, delete files, and configure file and folder permissions to prevent unauthorized access.

8- Virtualization

Gain the benefit of enterprise grade virtualisation software on cost affordable NAS solutions.

Virtualization Station

Run multiple virtual machines on NAS and appliances

Virtualization Station is a fast and reliable hypervisor on QNAP NAS and appliances. You can run multiple virtual machines on Virtualization Station to meet versatile virtualization needs and to benefit from cost savings and advanced features.

Container Station

Lightweight Linux®-based OS and app virtualization solution

QNAP Container Station exclusively integrates LXD and Docker®, Kata lightweight virtualization technologies, allowing you to operate multiple isolated Linux® systems on a QNAP NAS as well as download apps from the built-in Docker® Hub/LXD Image Server Registry.