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Healthcare (HIPAA)

Today, an efficient medical information system is required to support a medical organization that aims to achieve high customer satisfaction and excellent delivery of services. While medical data (e.g ePHI) constantly increases, IT administrators are required to develop a strategy for strong storage platforms within their medical organizations. Deploying a QNAP NAS will assist medical practices in meeting security standards for ePHI and provide a versatile storage solution for network environments


IT Challenges Identified in a Medical Environment

  • Data security in a healthcare environment is extremely crucial. Solutions to fulfill different storage security designs are required.
  • Data exchange between different medical systems must be efficient.
  • There is an increasing demand for large storage capacities due to data emerging technologies, high-resolution medical images, and high definition videos.
  • High performance when transferring large files is required for a productive working environment.
  • Due to regulations, medical files/data (e.g. PACS, supporting MRIs, CT and PET scans) have to be retained for a longer period of time. An affordable secondary storage/ file backup solution may be needed.
  • For different scale/application systems
    • For a larger-scale medical environment- A virtualized server environment or a hybrid environment are often deployed. IT administrators need to choose a compatible and virtualization certified storage solution to meet storage demand.
    •  For a branch or a smaller-scale medical environment- An affordable and flexible storage solution is needed to fulfill both backup and system integration demands.



HIPAA Compliant Storage Solution

QNAP meets the electronic requirements of HIPAA for storing PHI data by providing a base to protect the confidentiality and security of “individually identifiable health information”. QNAP provides a full range and variety of storage models that can easily fit into different scales of deployment. Choose based upon capacity, performance, and price range to fit the need of any type of medical environment.

QNAP provides network-attached storage ranging from 1 bay to 10 bay tower models. Tower models can be easily deployed anywhere even without a server room. QNAP rackmount models offer large capacity and high performance, from 1U 4 bays to 3U 16 bays.



Recommended Features for Medical Environments

Standard Protocols Supported

  • File sharing protocols: SAMBA/CIFS, AFP, NFS
  • Networking protocols: FTP/FTPS/SFTP, HTTP/HTTPS, SSH
  • Block device: iSCSI target, etc. are supported so you can easily integrate storage with different systems.

Windows Active Directory and LDAP

Windows AD and LDAP are supported in an office environment.


Virtualization Ready

QNAP NAS is an alternative datastore solution for virtualized environments through ISCSI and NFS. QNAP Turbo NAS units are VMWare certified (including hardware acceleration with VAAI), Citrix Xen Server certified, and Microsoft Hyper-V compliant.


Protected Data Storage

Multiple RAID levels (0,1,5,6,10 and hot spares) and advanced RAID features built in. With SMART HDD, your hard drive statuses are constantly monitored, if any error occur, IT administrators will be instantly notified via email or text. The disk volume can be encrypted with FIPS 140-2 AES 256-bit encryption to prevent data breach, even when the hard drives or the system have been stolen.

Access Rights Control

Different users and groups can be granted different access rights and permissions to specific folders and subfolders. IP based blocking and policies can be set to deny or auto block specific IP addresses.