QNAP, Seagate and Western Digital products are covered by manufacturer’s warranties and supported by manufacturer technical support teams.

If you require technical support or manufacturer’s warranty support, please use the below table for the contact information for the manufacturer of your product.

Please also note that if you have a faulty product, we recommend requesting a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) from the manufacturer to allow us to quickly process any warranty returns without spending time testing the device.


QNAP Technical Support:

  • If you require technical assistance for your QNAP product, you can create and submit a support ticket on the qnap.com service portal. In order to access qnap.com service portal you will need a QNAP account. You can create your QNAP account from here: https://account.qnap.com/signup
  • If you already have a QNAP account, please log in from here and submit your ticket: https://account.qnap.com/signin

QNAP Warranty:

  • To obtain your RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization), please submit a support ticket describing the product issues the QNAP Helpdesk. Once QNAP confirms the product is defective they will initiate the RMA process and provide you with an RMA number which you can provide us here in QNAP Shop (as shown in the process flow chart below). For more information on the QNAP RMA process, please click here.

QNAP Extended Warranty:

  • For any questions about the warranty extension, please submit your support request from QNAP Service Portal. You will  need to have a QNAP account in order to access the QNAP service portal. You can create one from here.
  • Below are the steps to get your extended warranty afyter you create your QNAP account

1- Create your QNAP account or login.

2- Register your product after you login.

3- Create a support ticket


Seagate Technical Support:

Seagate Warranty:

Once you obtain the RMA number from Seagate, please get in touch with us to proceed with your warranty process.

WD Technical Support:

WD Warranty: