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Media & Entertainment

In the media and entertainment industry, tens to hundreds of Gigabytes of high-definition video and image files may need to be accessed and stored daily. QNAP NAS provides large storage capacity and is capable of high performance data transfer by Giga LAN connection (about 100MB/s, depending on the actual network environment) to shorten the waiting time of file access and increase the work efficiency of users. The NAS offers abundant server applications, such as FTP server, web server, remote replication, and file server, which can be managed without extra cost and professional IT knowledge.


Benefits of QNAP NAS

  • Large capacity storage
  • Cross-platform accessibility
  • Secure backup of digital data
  • Advanced data protection
  • Instant and convenient information broadcast


Large capacity storage

Nowadays the media files are increasing in size with the growing use of high definition. QNAP NAS provides up to 16TB of storage capacity (8-bay models) for you to store your data safe and sound. You will be able to use this centralized storage to save the giant works (such as the media files created by Photoshop or Premiere) and let your co-workers access the files easily over the network.

Cross-platform accessibility

QNAP NAS is a shared storage for instant access from all your workstations. Whether you are using Microsoft Windows or Apple Mac OS, you can save the files to the NAS and share the data with your co-workers and customers over the local network and/or the Internet. The shared folder aggregation (DFS) is also provided for convenient access to multiple shared folders on the local network from one single portal folder on the NAS.

Secure backup of digital data

Protecting your creation has never been as easy as using QNAP NAS. You can use the features such as remote replication, scheduled backup, or Time Machine to back up your precious works. Your backup data can be password protected to avoid unauthorized access.

Advanced data protection

QNAP NAS features advanced RAID 1/ 5/ 6/ 5 + hot spare /6+ hot spare which securely protect your data against hard drive failure. Moreover, the UPS feature ensures high system availability and data consistency if an unexpected power outage occurs.

Instant and convenient information broadcast

You can use the Web server and Multimedia Station features of QNAP NAS to create a web site, blog, or forum to publish your company news, pictures, music, and videos, and interact with your users or customers online.